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The Artist...

CJ Larson, also known as The Blonde Arrow, is a multi-talented artist who shoots straight for the heart with her work. Her aim is to be a blessing to others, and she accomplishes this through a variety of mediums, including glasswork, painting, and more.


CJ's work is often described as magical and enlightening, with a touch of badassery. She brings a sense of joy and acceptance to her art, creating pieces that inspire hope and excitement.


CJ treats each person as an individual and strives to give them the best of who she is, tailored to their specific needs.


CJ's journey as an artist began after a car accident in 2010. During her recovery process, she discovered the healing power of art therapy and began working with glass. The experience brought her a sense of peace and joy that she hopes shines through in every piece she creates.

CJ Larson specializes in crafting unique and intricate glass art pieces, showcasing a true mastery of the craft.

In addition to her glasswork, CJ also dabbles in other artistic methods and mediums, always creating by hand with intuition and joy. Her work is a reflection of her Joyful Warrior's Journey, and she invites others to join her on this journey as The Blonde Arrow.

With a Chemistry degree and experience in the Marines, CJ is proof that there is much more to her than meets the eye. She is a talented artist with a heart of gold, dedicated to spreading joy and hope through her work.

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